Shenzhen ZOBO Natural Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.
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Company Information

Shenzhen ZOBO Natural Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.

ShenZhen ZOBO Natural Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is dedicated to pursuing the creativity of biotechnology and highly focuses on compound feed additives and veterinary medicine manufactured by natural herbs. Our products include natural herb-based veterinary medicine, feed premixes for livestock and poultry, and pesticides. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) Theory, our products are manufacturing as a result of the herborization, trials and screening for the purpose of the treatment of livestock and poultry diseases and plants caused by harmful insect. In addition to growth acceleration of livestock and poultry, improved farming yields, detoxification and excretion of toxin, the most successful treatment of our products is the prevention and treatment of bird's flu with the specific effect without any remnant. Our president, Mrs. Yan Baoqin, a senior veterinary technician who honors as a representative of National Congress of People and March 8th Red Banner pace-setter, along with highly regarded experts and academics from various areas throughout the country. We believe that we are one of the leading suppliers of global biotechnology solutions for the treatment of the most challenging diseases of livestock and poultry in the world because our compound feed additives and pesticide are prepared by hundreds of natural plants after more than 20-year experience of development. They are highly indicated for the treatment of cows with Avian Flu, Foot-and-Mouth disease, difficult to be pregnant and bovine mastitis, which are widely considered a challenge to the world. We are exploring the use of our compound feed additives in a wide variety of settings, including the treatment of swine with respiratory disease, difficult to be pregnant and ablactation syndrome, extending freshness after butchering, as frontline prevention and cure of chickens with birds flu, and to reduce cholesterol content in eggs from 680mg / 100g to 200mg - 300mg / 100g, which addresses the required content of medical needs of human body as well as chicken's freshness and color improvement. Fish and shrimp caused by diseases during breeding are also included. Additionally, natural herb-based pesticide, as the most promising product focused on solving pest problems involved in all crop plants such as vegetables, fruits, tea leaf and tree, to name a few, is designed for eliminating pesticide residue which causes antibody and diseases to humans. Our natural herb-based pesticide also could be used to control locust infestation and prevent certain diseases such as children adiposity, dementia and food poisoning. All products we currently manufacture are a pioneer in quality and scale throughout the country and the world because they are a Chinese herbal confection from natural plants without any remnant. Today, we launch an unprecedented revolutionary biotechnology to the animal agriculture industry. We are a leading-edge company providing high touch products and services to our customers through our mature processing science and manufacturing and through the exclusive screening prescriptions prepared by our experts.

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  • Shenzhen ZOBO Natural Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Trading Company
  • Veterinary medicines , feed additives and pesticides
  • 2005

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  • North America , South America , Eastern Europe

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  • 16/F Xin'an Building, South Remin Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland) Zip: 5
  • 101 - 200 People